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A non-profit organization, All Indian Cine Workers Association believes in its motto of putting cine workers first. We strive to improve the working conditions and the quality of life of workers & artists by implementing policies & schemes. The AICWA is committed to working for the economic and social justice by advocating for worker’s rights, including initiatives to strengthen labour unions and workplace rights. Workers deserve to have liveable wages, better benefits, fairer trade policies and stronger protections of public services. Wefocus on regulating conditions of work, occupational health and safety of workers & artists. Our organization also provides membership opportunities, connects artists and organizations, fosters new networks and shares essential resources to help new talents to catapult their progress in the entertainment industry.

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Decent working conditions and improved quality of life of entire film fraternity including workers & artists as well as enhancing their growth, development, and protection of their rights and interests. Moreover, ensuring that the artists and other co-working staff get access to employability, fair wages, good facilities and basic government aid (medical fee, PF, ESIC.)